Thames Valley Pro Taekwon-Do


Sport Centre Classes

Come along to learn Taekwon-Do Martial Arts at either Reading, Woodley, Henley or Wokingham classes throughout Berkshire.

Learning Taekwon-Do at a young age carries many benefits for children and is a great way of helping energetic little characters to learn to focus – even ONLINE.

Complimenting The Early Years

All our sessions compliment the Early Learning Years Outcomes which include social and emotional development, different approaches to learning, perceptual motor and physical development, all supporting their school education. Learn as part of a structured ancient martial art which can be taken ANYWHERE in the world. 

Learning Korean Terminology 

All students have the opportunity of learning some Korean terminology which will not only aid their progression through the ranks in Taekwon-Do but may also help other aspects of their education as they become familiar with learning a different language structure.

Under 8’s

Learning Taekwon-Do at a young age carries many benefits for children and is a great way of helping energetic little characters to learn to focus. Our average student stays with us for 4 years!

Whilst working in a team environment with our children’s Taekwondo and kickboxing classes, our Under 8 classes, also known as Mini Kickers, will concentrate on the basics, cementing the building blocks of Taekwon-Do such as simple self defence moves, good stances, fundamental movements, balance, breath control and co-ordination whilst developing a basic level of fitness and flexibility.

Our DBS checked instructors share with our Under 8s invaluable experience; learning about discipline and how to succeed when something proves tough.

They are great for learning Self Defence and building confidence.

Our young children’s Taekwon-Do classes are available throughout Berkshire, in the towns of Reading, Henley and Wokingham.

Under 13’s

Our Taekwondo classes for children are aimed specifically for those aged under 13 yrs and help develop improved levels of concentration, self defence, self discipline, self confidence and self control.

This includes physical fitness, improved concentration in school and a healthy and family environment to relax and enjoy a both mentally and physically challenging sport environment which becomes a life long passion for many and a way of life.

Teens/ Under 18’s

Thames Valley Taekwon-Do, also providing kickboxing in Reading, equips you with devastatingly fast and easy to learn skills that you will not learn anywhere else. With all our teens and kids Taelkwon-Do , we promote the healthy development of children and young people through sport with changes seen in motor skills development, performance and we promote the positive relationship between being involved in physical activity and psychological development.

Our Taekwon-Do Juniors programme is ideal for anybody aged 13 years to 18 years.

Many of our students who train in either Reading, Henley or Wokingham classes are learning practical self defence techniques, also using kickboxing and how to avoid intimidating situations as well as venturing into a few competitions and winning medals. This is a well established and recognised Berkshire Taekwon-Do Club.


A healthy exercise regime will relieve stress, improve your memory, help you sleep and will boost your overall mood, perhaps even log over 6,000 steps of activity for the day. All you with the opportunity to reach daily targets for exercise as well as time away from the computer with more of us working from home or remote working.

The fast movements involved in Taekwon-Do can also improve perception and peripheral vision in students of all ages. We are passionate about promoting mental as well as physical health.


Taekwon-Do is an effective way to improve mental health. Regular exercise, we offer a broad selection of classes throughout the week and various locations, can have a profoundly positive impact on relieving stress, improving your memory and flexibility, helps you sleep and boosts overall mood. Mindful meditation!

Covering three different venues across Berkshire, we have different classes for varying levels of skill. Mondays to Fridays and one on Saturday morning just for families of mixed abilities! Come and meet us, you’ll be most welcome.

Childrens kickboxing in Reading
Children learning Taekwondo in Berkshire