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Earn great things

Self-respect, elite fitness and the camaraderie of a community of committed martial artists in Reading. Just three of the things your dedication will bring you – if you’re ready to put the work in.

For many of our regulars, learning to fight and defend themselves quickly becomes about much more than combat. It becomes a way of life, giving a path to young men and women that grows them as adults and gives them dignity and grounding. And it’s here for you too.

Martial arts Reading. Come and learn what martial arts is.

Develop yourself

Through Taekwon-Do and Korean Kickboxing you will find a challenge that sharpens your mind as it strengthens your body. The reputation of martial arts in Berkshire for building inner strength is well-earned; it takes a patient and committed mind to succeed, and it’s a game of inches that lasts a lifetime.

If you are looking to simply get fit, or feel a lack of direction and a calling to something truly challenging, you may find the answer within our training centre. By working alongside others under the guidance of our instructors you will find yourself pushing harder than you ever have before, growing in fitness and confidence in a very special way.

Gary Nelson - martial arts instructor in Reading

A caring community

There are two simple rules you’ll find in all good martial arts centres: we don’t judge, and genuine effort is respected. Whatever your age, fitness level, gender or background in life, you’ll find within our training centre a supporting community that wants you to succeed and learn martial arts in Reading.

Martial Arts team in Reading

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