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7th Kup


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Question One

How many patterns do you know?

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At 7th Kup you know three patterns, Chon-Ji, Dan-gun and Do-san.

Question Two

Name the pattern you have learnt and how many moves it has?

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Do-san and it has 24 moves.

Question Three

What is the meaning of the pattern you have learnt?

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Do-san is the pseudonym of the patriot Ahn Chang-Ho (1876 to 1938). The 24 movements represent his entire life, which he devoted to furthering the education of Korea and its independence movement.

Question Four

What does the colour ‘green’ signify in Taekwon-Do?

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Green signifies the plants growth as your training in Tae Kwon Do begins to develop.

Question Five

What are the different instructor classifications?

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• Boosabum or National Instructor (1st to 3rd Dan)
• Sabum or International Instructor (4th to 6th Dan)
• Sahyung or Master (7th and 8th Dan)
• Saseung Grandmaster (9th Dan)

Question Six

What class is your instructor?

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Master Andrew Whiteley VII Degree Master Instructor
Mr Kevin Pilkington VI Degree
Mr Laurence Hand V Degree
Mr David Tee V Degree
Ms Jenine Hutchinson IV Degree
Mr Louis Macdonald IV Degree
Mr James Dilley IV Degree
Mr Spencer Brooks III Degree National Instructor

Question Seven

What is a Makgi?

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Makgi means Block.

Question Eight

What is a Jirugi?

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Jirugi means Punch.

Question Nine

What is a Chagi?

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Chagi means Kick.

Question Ten

What is a Tulgi?

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Tulgi means Thrust.

Question Eleven

What is a Taerigi?

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Taerigi means Strike.

Question Twelve

Name and perform a Thrust from pattern Do-San.

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Son Sunkut Tulgi – Straight Fingertip Thrust

Question Thirteen

Name and perform a Strike from pattern Do-San.

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• Dung Joomuk Taerigi – Backfist Strike
• Sonkal Yop Taerigi – Knifehand Side Strike

Question Fourteen

When performing a Front Kick what part of the foot do you use?

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Ap Kumchi – Front sole

Question Fifteen

The two punches that follow the Front Kicks in Do-San are performed in a particular motion. What is this Motion called?

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Barun Donjak – Fast Motion.

Question Sixteen

Demonstrate Side Kick and name the part of the foot you use. (Juniors use pad, Seniors us breaking boards).

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Balkal – Footswoord (Be able to demonstrate side kick)..

Question Seventeen

Demonstrate Turning Kick and name the part of the foot you use. (Juniors use pad, Seniors us breaking boards)

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Ap Kumchi – Front sole (Be able to demonstrate turning kick)


1) Pattern Do-San see pattern

2) Be prepared to perform any of the previous grade patterns

3) Three step sparring

4) Three step semi-free sparring

5) Demonstrate Left and Right Side kick against a target

6) Adults attempt breaking a focus board using Left and Right Side kick

7) Demonstrate Left and Right Turning kick against a target

8) Adults attempt breaking a focus board using Left and Right Turning kick

* Note this is the minimum requirement for this grade, you may be asked to
perform other techniques learnt during class.