Rivermead Leisure Centre Martial Arts

Martial Martial Arts at Rivermead Leisure Centre

A great time with a great sport

Are you interested in self-defence? Would you like to have fun and meet wonderful people while you learn it? If so, you’re in the right place! Our dojo at the Rivermead Leisure Centre is packed full of great people who love to learn a fantastic sport and means of self-defence.

Friendly teachers

Learning a combat sport is no small thing. It can be a scary concept to consider; you know you want to learn how to handle yourself well and you’re keen to get stuck in, but the thought of fighting is a weighty one! We keep this front of our mind in how we train and structure our lessons; we want to provide a safe and enjoyable space where people can work hard and develop their discipline and fighting ability.

That’s why our teachers take great care to tailor their lessons to every student and their unique personality. We want you to enjoy your time at our dojo in Rivermead Leisure Centre, whatever your level of fitness is when you start.

An effective sport

Taekwondo and Korean kickboxing are incredible systems of fighting. They’re fast, fun, and dynamic. You’ll learn kicks and striking in the same space, giving you the opportunity to learn a comprehensive fighting style that will develop your body, your mind, and your ability to defend yourself physically.


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