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Bulmersh Leisure Centre Martial Arts

Martial Arts in Woodley at the Bulmershe Leisure Centre

Friendly, fun, effective

The Thames Valley Taekwondo team would love to meet you at our dojo in the Bulmershe Leisure Centre. We offer a fantastic martial arts experience that gets you in shape, builds your confidence, and provides a great degree of self-defence in times of need. 

Approachable instructors

We know martial arts can be intimidating to start with. It’s hard work, the lessons can be intense, and combat sports can be a challenging thing to face. As our students can attest to, the actual experience of training with us at Bulmershe Leisure Centre is quite the opposite!

It’s fun and informal. We tailor our lessons to the abilities and personality of every student we work with, ensuring they enjoy themselves while developing their skills and confidence. In this way, a serious challenge is transformed into an enjoyable process that helps you to develop your physical abilities and your mental strength simultaneously.

Bulmershe Leisure Centre for martial arts for Children. Learn Taekwondo with us

A great sport

Taekwondo and Korean kickboxing are incredible sports. Offering a truly comprehensive style of self-defence, they’re dynamic and exciting forms of combat training that keep the adrenaline flowing and the body strong.

We have award-winning instructors at our dojo, helping us to provide a comprehensive and authentic quality of training that will keep you safe and strong.